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Protein Folding

Team Name: plico ( Latin: to fold )

Team Number: 39250

Team Plico Logo
This is the home page of team plico. If you want to join this team then just follow the intructions below.

Joining Team plico

First thing you need to do is go to the Download Page and get the software. The page is pretty simple to follow and the software is a real doddle to install and use. Just follow the intructions and enter our team number and thats it, you are now helping to fight diseases like

Progress Graph

For those of you that want to view team plico's progress of the teams then you can do so at Wils website. He wipped this up so I can see how far ahead some of the members are getting in fron t of me ;)

It is even believed that many forms of cancer result from protein misfolding. It is for the reasons that I have decided to start contributing towards this worth while project.

Member List

  1. Harry
  2. Jenny
  3. WillJessop AKA Wil
  4. csmith AKA Christian
  5. Kim
  6. carldr
  7. skugg AKA Stig
  8. Chris
  9. steve AKA Steve H
  10. rdgidden AKA Bob
  11. plico AKA Anon
  12. MarkF

If you have a web page then send me a link and I will add it above.