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Where does the name Harry originate

This page is devoted to trying to figure out where the name Harry originates from. So far I have not had much success and the list of derivations just seems to get longer and longer. Any feedback would be appreciated or hints on good places to look.

One thing I am now sure of is that there seems to be an awful lot of people out there that think they know what Harry means. Another thing I am sure of is that hardly any of them agree. The general consensus seems to point to Harry being derived from either Henry or Harold. I am actually called Harold and was named after my dad who was known as Harry.


Appears to be Diminutive of Henry meaning "ruler of the home". It also has a few derivitives of its own ie Harrison, "son of Harry" and Hal. Our own Prince Harry was actually christened Prince Henry Charles Albert David and was born on 15 September 1984 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. Almost 11 years to the day after me.

Who am I to think the Windsors are getting it wrong, so I am pretty sure that Harry must be a derivitive of Henry. I cannot believe they copied my name ;) blighters!


Is also another name I have heard used as a short form of Harry.


Scandinavian name meaning "Army Ruler". I have seen various other meanings ie "Home Ruler", "King", "Commander" blah blah etc etc. Variants include Araldo, Aralt, Aroldo, Arry, Garald, Garold, Hal, Harald, Haralds, Haroldas, Harry, Herold, Herrold, Herrick, and Herryck. Walter is related name.


From the Germanic name Heimerich which meant "home ruler", composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, ruler". Estate ruler; ruler of the home; house owner; lord of the manor. This name was introduced into Britain by the Normans. It was borne by eight kings of England including the infamous Henry VIII, as well as six kings of France and seven kings of Germany. Other famous bearers include arctic naval explorer Henry Hudson, novelist Henry James, automobile manufacturer Henry Ford, boxer Henry Cooper. Diminutives include a whole pile of very germanic and scandanavaian looking names ie

Hal, Hank, Harry, Variants include Arrigo, Enrico, Enrikos, Enrique, Enzio, Heike, Heindrick, Heindrik, Heiner, Heinrich, Heinrick, Heinrik, Heinz, Hendrick, Hendrik, Henerik, Henning, Henri, Henrik, Henrique, Henryk, and Hinrich.

Famous Harry's

The following lists are woefully incomplete but enough to start with. If people take the time to email me and ask for an addition then I will consider it. The only stipulations are that the person needs to have some decent content on the internet so that I can provide a link to their website. The site must not use some technology that requires a non standard plugin ie flash etc.

Famous Fictional Harry's

Famous Haralds

Famous Henry's

Famous Non Fictional Harold's

Famous Non Fictional Harrison's

Famous Fictional Hal's