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Email Obfuscator

Having got sick of spam I decided to see how easy it would be to create an email obfuscator. Its not finished yet but if there is some interest in it I will finish it and add some extra features. For instance I could make it a full captcha system if there is enough interest.

Website Color Changer

The above link should allow you to try different colors on this website. It is here for people who are color blind and for those people who want to see how different colors look together.

PL PGSQL Function List

This is just another list of things that I sometimes refer to. I like to have references handy and whenever I want a template for a postgres procedure I can go to the above list and get one if I am online.

Bandwidth Usage

We have now got AWSTATS installed on the box so my log parser can take a back seat. The links below should take you to the appropriate page.

Free Data

I am often looking for various bits of data around the internet for various projects that I am doing. Some of the data is easier to find that others. I have decided to try and put up most of what I find so that other people can use it.


The link above is somewhere I have put a few bookmarks.