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Strategic Software

How many times have you visited a software providers website and seen the word "strategic" used in varying contexts. I have seen quite a few software providers offer to provide a COTS product that will offer me a competitive / strategic advantage over competitors. You may already see a gaping hole in this offer.

How can a piece of software, that can be bought by any company offer a strategic advantage over your competitors? Admitedly if your competitors are not using it you could gain a short term advantage by using it first, or if they are using it, you may find a better use to put it to but, these are very short lived things. Most COTS software bought today is not to gain Competitive advantage but to avoid Competitive Disadvantage. These are two very different animals but unfortunatley the slogan..

Our Software will save you from Competitive Disadvantage......

Does not have the same ring to it as...

Our Software will gain you a Competitive Advantage.........

Don't you just love Marketing ;-)