No time anymore.

I remember when I was a kid that I always seemed to bored out of my scull. I could never find anything that I wanted to do, I had no hobbies that did not involve something I shouldn’t be doing and there was not really an awful lot to do in Cullybackey.
Things did not change when I joined the Navy. This is one organisation that makes watching a kettle boil positively exhilarating. I decided to leave the Navy after 8 years of mental abuse from which I think I have made a full recovery. I am only thankfull I was not in when we went to the gulf to take part in what I think may become one of the biggest fiascos of this century.
Since leaving the Navy 3 years ago I have not got enough hours in the day and it seems to be getting worse. We where taught time management in the Navy ie. if you don’t manage it you are in the shit but I seem to be struggling to do everything I want to do and the list just keeps getting longer.
Looking back I wouldn’t change anything but I sometimes crave for an hour of boredom.