I just noticed that if you click on iGoogle from that point forward if you go to the normal google page it redirects you to iGoogle. What were they thinking.

Tandem Canada

Some people are mad and some are crazy but there are some people who we are unable to categorise. I know two of these, it’s Jennies parents. If you are wondering why I think they are doo lally have a look at Tandem Canada.
I am insanely jealous. Paul’s a fit bugger and has been cycling longer than I have been alive but it’s has to be Pauline that takes the biscuit. She didn’t start cycling until a couple of years ago.

Is DMOZ dead?

It has been more than three years since I tried to upload UKlug to DMOZ. I submitted UKlug to it again today. I am not expecting much from DMOZ. Is it just me or is DMOZ either dead or dying. I got burned a few times asking people what was going on with my listing but because it is a free service they treat you like the scum of the earth. Not a particularly pleasant experience.

Working at Yahoo! is like drinking from a fire hose

Stick with me I will get to the Yahoo bit in a minute but you need to understand a few things first.
I would say one of my main motivations in life is avoiding boredom. I abhor boredom
From webster: to regard with extreme repugnance
I could not agree more. I loathe it.
There are various reasons for this not least of which is I have absolutely no reason to be bored. There are a million books I haven’t read, a thousand technologies I haven’t investigated a billions trees I haven’t seen, a million paths I haven’t trod and 6 billion people I haven’t met….. you get the point.
So when I am bored I have got to ask myself if I am really bored or am I just being stupid. That brings me to my other motivation. Eradicating my own ignorance, I do this with extreme prejudice. I do not consider myself stupid or ignorant but if there is one thing I do know I don’t know enough.
Now that you understand a bit more about what motivates me you know why I joined Yahoo. As I mentioned in the title working here is like drinking from a fire hose. The amount of stuff going on is staggering and the scale of everything is vast. It’s the perfect place for me.