Parrot and IMC

We are off up to see my sister in Norfolk in a couple of days time. It should be a good laugh. I have been trying to come up with a good way to bodge objects until we get them in IMCC. The best way I have found to date is name mangling but this is a pain in the ass. I have also considered containers but although easier to impliment it will not look much like objects by the time I’m finished.

Page Rank

I turned on Jenny’s PC today and noticed that I had a page rank of 5. Although how I have managed to get that is another matter.
I have noticed that the hits have been going up recently and I imagine it has something to do with this although I think people will quickly leave when they realise that there is not actually that much content up on my sites yet at least none of any noteworthy quality.
I have tried to add my websites to DMOZ a few times and so far I have had no joy getting any of them in anywhere. The first time I tried it DMOZ was not playing ball at all and refused to work????


I have been talking to Tim Bunce about a DBD Interface for Parrot and it would be extrememly nice to get one for the Parrot release in Feb. However, this is unlikely due to IMCC’s lack of objects. We could bodge it in the mean time and fix it later but fixing things is always ten times more difficulat than bodging them in the first place.

14 Jan

Trying to get up to speed with Parrot and IMCC. It is proving quite difficult. There are rumours of a Feb release of Parrot, I am looking forward to seeing if it stirs up some interest. It is certainly a lot more mature than people give it credit for.

04 Jan 04

I am currently investigating movable type. It seems like the danglies when it comes to doing blogs but this would involve me getting the time to install it and at the moment, time is a bit of a luxury for me.