Walsh Western Shambles

I ordered a set of Non Dell rails from Dell 7 days ago and they where ready to be delivered to me on the Thursday. I though this was great. I got a call on Thursday from Walsh Western saying that they had tried to deliver the rails. I found this very odd because Jenny was in the house. They said they left a card saying they had been there. I phoned Jenny and she had a look for the card. It wasn’t there.
Friday: Same thing. They say they left a card and Jenny was off work the whole day but we received no card and have not heard anything from them at all.
Saturday: I called them to ask what the hell was going on and they told me that it would be delivered on Monday.
Monday: No rails, No card, No phone call, Sweet FA. I tried to phone but they all close at 17:30.
This is just a bit pathetic although not as pathetic as my recent encounter with Midland Mainline.

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  1. I know exactly what you are going through. I am in an office 150 miles from home. I left my house at 6am to get here for 8am as Walsh quote delivery times of 8am to 6pm. Well it’s now coming up to 7pm and no sign of them!!! I had spoken to Walsh 3 times during the day, only to be assured each time that my order was out for delivery!!! I was planning on working over the bank holiday weekend (sad I know), but without the delivery I am screwed. Just thought I would share my experiences. Will give you an update on Tuesday after I have given them a piece of my mind =(

  2. My delivery was for Thur 24th as well. I had a call from Walsh Western to arrange delivery between 5 and 7pm. I waited all evening, unfortunately left all the contact details and order number at work. I belatedly left for the holiday at 8am the next morning, leaving a note on the door for them to contact me on my mobile and also to add the time and date that they turned up onto the note. I looked up my order on their website this morning and it says they delivered to my door at 20:30 on the Thursday night whilst I was in. They also say they left a note. They must have hidden it well. I’ll be contacting Dell.

  3. Can’t someone do something about Walsh Western Dell deliveries? I am one of the people who was sitting in the house waiting for the delivery for five hours only to check on the net and find that the updated position on my Dell computer delivery was that they had tried to deliver “no one at home, left a card” – no card, no driver – how many more people out there who have been scammed in this way? Anyone ever seen one of their cards?

  4. Walsh Western rang me to say that they were delivering my new Dell computer 5pm to 9pm 29th March. They did not turn up, they did not ring to tell me they were not turning up and they did not reply to my email asking them to re-arrange the appointment.
    Further the order number they quoted me differed from that sent me by Dell so when/if I do get the computer it may not even be the one I paid for

  5. I too am very unhappy with the service from Walsh Western. They rang last week and just left a message on my voicemail at work, with no return call number, saying they would deliver on Tuesday between 5 & 9 but never arrived. I rang the next morning to be told that the delivery service hadn’t got an answer when they called – no way I said, we have three dogs that bark if anyone so much as touches the gate! So they promised to deliver that evening, again between 5 & 9. I gave them my home phone number and said if there were problems could the delivery person ring me and I would come out of our flat and find him. But again nothing. I arrived at work to find a voicemail saying the courier didn’t deliver in Brighton so I rang again only to be told that they didn’t do evening deliveries! Of course they couldn’t explain how someone had said they called on Tuesday evening! So we arranged for delivery on Friday morning, but the PC arrived on Thursday – just lucky that my husband was in. And to cap it all the Dell keyboard doesn’t work and the product key on my softward licence can’t be recognised so I am now waiting for these to be replaced by Dell.

  6. Here, here. I can echo all the above comments – who are these Walsh Western cowboys? And why on earth do a decent company like Dell use them? More to the point I have asked Dell for a full refund if they can’t deliver my PC in a suitably convenient manner. (Still waiting for it to be delivered) Vote with your feet, people!

  7. I was supposed to receive a dell system via walsh western yesterday between 5 and 9 pm.
    Didnt arrive. called today and was told goods will definitely arrive this evening 5 to 9 pm.
    No show again.
    I think Dell should rethink their delivery strategy.This system was shipped on the 11th April and I still have nothing but promises that it is going to be delivered

  8. I’ve just ordered a new PC from Dell and was trying to find out who Walsh Western are (through a Google search)- I’ve never heard of them.
    Now I’ve read these messages I’m worried that I will be messed about by them too.
    Here’s hoping.
    I had similar problems last year with Evesham Computers and a very poor delivery etc. etc. – needless to say I never received the PC cos I told them where to shove it – so I’ve had practice.

  9. Agree with Tracy – got a call last on my mobile mailbox from Walsh Western (not even leaving a contact phone number)that they would deliver the Dell computer betweeen 8 am and 5 pm tomorrow. Not been able to contact them yet and have to take a day off work!
    Hoping to be more in luck than the rest of you (but doubting).

  10. Yea ive been having problems with Walsh Western. Their customer service is a joke. They phoned me and left a message on my voicemail to call them about delivery. I got told by Dell it was gonna be here on saturday. They say “oh no, that isn;t possible they had to make the decision to do it” DHL are way better, i got package sent from chicago to London faster than Walsh Western can get from Ireland to London. DHL are alot faster at getting their deliveries delivered. I can’t go and collect it, they don’t do that and there boasting about the 15 million euro expansion!!!!

  11. walsh wetern are a joke
    ordered a new laptop on tuesday and sceduled delivery was for friday , i thought excellent it will be here quick , i then checked on my delivery status friday morning and the delivery date had been changed to monday. i phoned up and just ot a reply saying they tried to ring me 3 times on my business line and there was no answer so delivery has been put back till monday. What a load of rubbish , never recieed any such phones calls and they had my mobile number but guess what they never called me on that.
    overall just a complete wase of time and lies

  12. Ye my dell laptop took about 14 days to make and thanks to walsh westerns incompetence its gonna take another 4 days to deliver it. Its sat in their warehouse in coventry for 2 days when easily they could have delivered it. Next ill go collect the stupid thing, what a waste of money £57 for delivery. I wouldn’t ever use Walsh Western again, DHL or Amtrak have alot better service. I got something shipped from Chicago to Buckinghamshire in less than 24hrs. 96 hrs from Ireland to Buckinghamshire!! And still waiting…..

  13. well guess whta pepople im having the same trouble they told me weds 28th no show i ring them then they say 5-9pm thursday night still no go but if i goto there website and track my order it says both times they called and left a card WELL WHERE IS THIS CARD U USELESS SH~T it will be the drivers they dont know where there going.WELL DRIVER IF YOU READ THIS THEN GOD HELP YOU WHEN YOU DO GET HERE.

  14. You’ve all got off lightly I’ve been waiting 15 days now for my laptop to get from a hub 15 minutes away from where I live to my home. I’ve had 4 non deliveries so far, I never even received an initial phone call telling me my package was ready for delivery, I had to phone them myself. When the delivery failed the first time I rang to ask what had happened and apparently it was my fault for ringing to arrange before they had rung me!!! It had already been at the hub 4.5 days before I rang them! They have now told me it will definitely, positively be delivered tomorrow morning (the 3rd time they’ve been definitely, positive – so I won’t hold my breath). Anyway, here’s hoping………….

  15. well guys looks like something is being done about these guys as its now under investigation as i sent in my problems with the company plus more complaints from others !
    Dell been on the phone to me for 45mins today !
    plus ive been compensated !

  16. oh and my system come on saturday afternoon yet it still states it was dropped off on friday t time…

  17. My laptop was actually delivered on Saturday morning!!!!
    I’m to be reimbursed for the delivery charge + VAT.

  18. ell what can I say? same thing – took day off work for delivery of laptop between 8am and 6pm. guess what no delivery! I am so surprised that you have all had problems – what have dell got to say about this?
    anyone know? pam

  19. My Dell delivery saga (courtesy of Welsh Western) goes like this:
    16th April-Processor arrives (no Monitor/no Speakers)
    3rd May-TWO sets of speakers arrive together (Dell having reordered to replace missing items)
    5th May-Welsh Western info site advises THEY NOW NEED A HOUSE NUMBER to deliver Monitor! (We don’t have such things locally and how did they manage earlier deliveries?)What a bunch of idiots.

  20. Well I have heard another horror story from a colleague – again promised an evening delivery and after waiting a week went and collected it herself form the depot (depot I hear you say – well at least they are se up properly – but no, it looked just like a private house!). You will seen from my earlier post near the beginning of this chain that I had problems, complained to Dell and WW. Dell refunded me £30 but WW never even replied!!! Says it all, doesn’t it?

  21. Ordered a Dell 5000. Within two/three days Walsh Western phoned to say delivery would be on this Monday evening between 17.00 & 21.00. No delivery but according to WW there was no one home at 17.55. A card was also placed through what they advise was my blue front door. I explained to WW that I was at home from 16.45 and I also have a white front door! It’s meant to be delivered tonight. I asked WW if the driver could phone my mobile(or home phone) if he had diffculties but apparently delivery drivers do’nt have mobiles phones ! I thought phone boxes were still around. If it’s delivered I’ll be amazed. I was not previously familiar with WW – but I suspect I will be !

  22. I won a Dell computer in a competition before christmas, and i have only just recieved the monitor and am still waiting for ‘elusive box 2’.I have had more conversations with dell, walsh western etc than i can count, and the whole things just crazy. ive had WW tell me one thing and the couriers tell me its a bare faced lie! Theyve even hung up on me when i demanded to speak to the manager!(unfortunately she was in a meeting(oh realy))Well,im going to write a letter, anyone know who i address it to?

  23. If only I’d read this first!
    Usual saga as described above but when I asked for the order to be cancelled I got my £108 deposit refunded as compensation. Dell phone number 0870 9075128 extension 73359 and ask for Ranjit!

  24. Just a short note really to say yhat I’d never heard of Walsh Western until i got the old Dell order watch thingy through. I put their name in google and came up with this site. I’m glad i did.
    It put into perspective that Dell usually quote 10-12 days delivery. I was surprised when i saw it had left Ireland and docked at the same time. Fast ship i thought.
    I watched as stuff got picked in coventry and it all arrived at Red Lane or the HUB.
    To my surprise they called me and arranged delivery for the following evening between 5pm and 9pm. Having read all your comments i took it with a pinch of salt and expected the phone call saying it was the wrong air in the tyres or something.
    Imagine my surprise when they called me at 3:45 yesterday to say can we deliver it early? Luckily i had been prepared for this thanks to your website and called in reinforcements (My Mum) to house sit.
    The parcel duely arrived via a company called Business Post who i’d heard of. All intact and fine until the installation.
    User error was to blame not reading the instructions properly.
    So as much as i hate Dell using Indian call centers whose staff speak too quickly to understand and i’d read all the bad bits about a company i was sceptical of it actually turned out fine and dandy. Well Done Dell, just change the call centers please?
    Monday order and Delivery by the same week Thursday. Thanks again.

  25. My Dell was due last night (5-9pm) but never came.
    However their website says “delivered at 17:03”.
    Now Dell are telling me Walsh Western claim to have proof of delivery.
    Something is terribly wrong

  26. Walsh Western is actually the freight company employed by Dell to transport Dell goods from Ireland to England, Therefore should the complaints not be with the carriers -those employed to actually deliver it to the customers? And not Walsh Western.

  27. I read this website, which I stumbled on trying to find information on Walsh Western who had left me a call to say my Dell computer would be delivered between 5.00 and 9.00 p.m. Having read the comments I doubted very much that it would, but I cancelled appointments and arrived home in time to wait for delivery. It didn’t arrive, and to cut a long story short, still hasn’t.
    Now presumed lost or stolen, with a part order possibly now on its way.
    I expect I will see the computer at sometime, if I don’t cancel the order before then!

  28. i would just like to say that i think walsh western are a pretty good company. i had a great experience with ther, everyone was so helpful and nice

  29. I have a Dell delivery booked for Monday. After searching for WW on the web and reading the horror stories here, I have already called Walsh Western (who weren’t very helpful) but they did tell me that Business Post would be delivering. I have just spoken to a very helpful lady at their local depot who is going to give me a better time indication on Monday am. Hopefully, my delivery will go smoothly. Perhaps contacting them before the date is the way to go.

  30. Hey, obviously I have joined a long que of disgruntled customers, especially when told I was not in when I was! If Dell uk monitor this site I hope they will have words with Walsh Western as they are killing their reputation. I am currently waiting, an hour so far, for Walsh Western to answer my call. Perhaps if they got it right first time their phone lines would not be jammed!

  31. I am awaiting a delivery tonight between 5-8pm. it’s only 1pm so i have no complaints there so far, though I am worried.
    However, my only contact from from walsh western has been an answer phone message that said “message for (my name) then became nothign but a load of electrical noises. the answer machine has been used both before and since without problems. So i can only think that someoen was driving along whilst using a mobile phone (illegal) and got cut off. I may be wrong but you dont normally get cut off like that unless you are on a mobile and go under a bridge or something.

  32. I USED to be a Transport Manager for walsh Western and believe me we did NOT recieve calls from businesses or the general public.
    The delivery carriers are ALL endorsed by DELL and NOT WW who have no vehicles of their own except artics bringing the goods over from Ireland to Coventry.
    All calls go to a call centre and WW act as go-betweens who store & pick the goods for the allocated carriers.DELL decides when & where they are delivered.Understand your concerns but I used to work my butt off for WW and its customers and ended up being the scapegoat for other peoples incompetencies.

  33. I am still waiting on delivery which I was told would be here between 5pm – 9pm on the 14/06/ I was supposed to be going out for my birthday but waited in because I wanted to receive my new PC from dell – I called Walsh Western who told me a card had been left – A LIE !!!!! I was in with a veiw of the front door every time I heard a neighbours engine or car door close I looked out of the window- and then they told me half the delivery had been left in Birmingham and that they would deliver half tonight and half tomorrow night. This courier service is a joke – I have called DELL and have told them that they are responsible as they choose their courier as part of their service if it all does not arrive tonight I am sending it back.

  34. If anyone else gets an invisible card from the invisible man like I did last night then ring Dell tell them to cancel your order becasuse in addition to bad customer service over delivery you were also lied to about the card they will offer compensation to prevent you from cancelling the order. the more people that do this the better as their delivery service will then become a liability which they can’t afford and adopt a more organised service in form of a company who can deliver

  35. I got a call from walsh western saying that my new ‘puter was going to be delivered between 5-9pm. I got home at 4:40pm and saw a FedEx/business post van parked up…..silly me not to bang on the door. I left my porch door open to assist in telling tham that i was at home but when I checked at 5:50pm I found a card syaing that they tried to deliver at 5:05pm!!!! On contcting FedEx I was told that their drivers finish at 5:00pm. So what are we supposed to do? I took time off work so I would be in for the delivery, hopefully they will deliver tomorrow. And another thing, when I phoned Welsh western they close at 5:30pm so who am i supposed to shout at?

  36. Joan Ballantyne, did you not read the above????

  37. someone called me saying they were from walsh western saying that they were going to deliver at a specific time which means that Walsh Western have some responsibility in arranging delivery – also every time i call they say they are from walsh western so my advice Paolo is instead of blame shifting all the time like your colleagues at Dell and the other carriers, start commonunicating with dell and the company who deliver at the End of the day you are a Logistics company – start doing what you are supposed to. Beleive me it is not difficult I work for a logistics company (yes things do go wrong from time to time but we deal with problems immediately when they arise) you guys after getting it wrong constantly promise to deliver and then fail yet again and again and again and again – you are totally incompetent. Personally I don’t care who works at what call centre – who stores the products and delivers it I want a good service by getting my PC when you guys say you will deliver

  38. Anrew, you sound like exactly the kind of jobsworth (illiterate too) that spend there whole time bitchwhining about poor service.
    Get a life, chill out and if you don’t like something, don’t buy.
    I also do not think being chief sweeper-upper entitles for a parcel carrier entitles you to call yourself a logistics expert.

  39. I’m waiting for a delivery from WW as we speak. No complaints yet, hopefully it’ll go OK. I have no axe to grind
    However, I agree with Andrew. If I owned WW, and there was a consistent problem which my company was being associated with (rightly or wrongly,) I’d make damn sure it was fixed or make sure my name wasn’t associated with it further. WW’s reputation is disintegrating, and reputation counts for an awful lot in business.
    Just my two cents.

  40. Just before I read many of the above comments I asked WW to deliver early – I don’t fancy my Dell sitting in a Warehouse in Coventry over the weekend!!! According to the Dell/WW order tracker, the computer was dispatced at 1642, left Limerick at2300 and WW picked parts for it at 2215 – concerned at what they picked as the order is for 3 boxes – base, keyboard and monitor.
    Even had a phone call Thursday evening 1820 to confirm delivery and the guy had a local accent (Coventry/Rugby).
    Still I have emailed Coventry to ask them about delivering tonight, the lorry should arrive by 2/3pm so they have plenty of time to get a van to drive some 12 miles to Rugby. Well I live in hope.
    Saying that I know someone who received his order on time! Like some posters have said it is Business Post or Lynx you have to worry about.

  41. I thought I’d give you an account of my recent (positive) experience with a Dell order.
    – Monday week 1: placed my order on dell.co.uk
    – Friday week 1: Dell order tracking showed my computer was ready to be shipped
    – Saturday week 1: Walsh Western phoned to say delivery would be made on Tuesday evening, 5pm-9pm
    – Monday week 2: I phoned Walsh Western to confirm the delivery slot and to ask which courier would be delivering. The answer: Business Post
    – Tuesday week 2: tracked my delivery throughout the day on the Business Post website by entering my Dell order number as my ‘customer reference’ at http://www.business-post.com/ and then clicking on the “More Info (Open)” link. This provides an excellent level of detail and hence considerable peace of mind
    – Tuesday week 2: received the delivery around 7.30pm
    Overall, 8 days from order to delivery, with no problems.

  42. Does this company have a clue what its doing? ETA from DELL 20th July. Western Walsh GAVE not arranged delivery for evening of 21st (I was told they had left a message on my voice mail – not mine!)arranging delivery. Rang them lunchtime to check it was being delivered and told it was. It never arrived.
    Phoned them in the morning and was told DELL had put it on hold. Having fun and games with DELL now as well. Had been using track and trace – nothing had been entered since 19th. Funny how immediately after my phone call “on hold, security check” appears under history. Now I can’t even load my track & trace!!

  43. I can’t access Walsh Western track & trace either my pc has layed in Coventry since Thursday and is not due to be with me until 27th I think I shall be calling them on Monday, they supposed to of called me 3 times which they never I ended up calling them which they gave me delivery between 8am to 6pm on 27th we shall see, let you know how I get on.

  44. Arranged with Walsh Western for my Dell printer to be delivered on Friday 22 July. Took the day off work and waited in from 8am to 6pm. No delivery – despite the assurance I received when I phoned WW at 4pm that the delivery would definitely take place before 6pm.
    Phoned WW on Sat 23 July and got a very apologetic lady, who said my printer was out for delivery and would definitely arrive before 2pm that day.
    At 11.30am that day I got a phone call from a lady living 5 or so miles from me. She said a delivery driver had asked her to take in a package for her neighbour, who was out. She took the parcel in but on closer inspection noticed that it was not for her neighbour (her neighbour’s address was similar to mine, but it was still a completely different town). The driver was long gone by this stage but fortunately this very helpful lady was able to contact me, as my mobile number was on the label of the parcel. I telephoned WW in the hope of arranging for the driver to collect the parcel and deliver it to the correct address, but after 25 minutes of waiting to speak to someone (listening to music and being told repeatedly that my call was important to them), I gave up.
    So I had to get a taxi (I don’t have a car) to take me the 5 or so miles to collect my parcel and then back home. The fare for this round trip was £13. So much for the free delivery I was promised when I ordered my printer. I have complained to Dell and am awaiting their response.

  45. I am new to this game and believe that slagging each other off on the internet (Paulo and Andrew) is completely counter productive and masks the main problem that Dell seem unaware (or don’t care!) that their delvery system is complete crap. Last Friday (July 22nd) I had a call from someone Irish who I took to be from Dell, saying that my that my order would be delivered between 5pm and 9pm on Tuesday the 26th (today). This morning I received a call from a guy saying he was from Business Post and asked to check my delivery details. He said he was trying to deliver in Oxfordshire, I live in Surrey, he said that they were given the wrong details and that my order would not be delivered today. Immediately on checking WW I see that acording to their tracking service my delivery details were there and they were correct. Who is telling “porky pies” then?
    I have a sinking feeling that I have probably made a terrible mistake choosing to buy a Dell Computer!
    Jim Cathcart

  46. 28/07/05.
    Walsh Western rang me yesterday 27th to say they were delivering a dell product to me today the 28th I am still waiting, I have lost a day’s work and according to the Dell order check it has been sitting in a warehouse some 70 miles away for 2 day’s. I intend to pursue this further totally unacceptable

  47. I ordered a Dell computer over the internet, and was left a voicemail by Walsh Western on Tuesday July 26th saying that my order would be delivered between 8am and 6pm on Thursday 28th July. Stupidly took day off work to await their arrival, but nothing came so rang Walsh Western at 5.20 to check it was on the way. Lady confirmed with the depot that the goods were on the van, and would be there by 6 or just after. Surprise surprise nothing came. Had to leave for Wales for the weekend,and was on the train an received a voicemail at 9.20 saying that I should ring Business Post the next day (Friday) with my reference number that they gave me. My girlfriend rang them in the morning and they stated that someone had tried to deliver at 5.13pm to a black door, and had left a card. We have a CLEAR door, and I was in at 5.13 and on the bloody phone to them at 5.20! Have now arranged for it to be delivered today (Monday) between 6pm and 9pm. Not very confident, especially as I have checked my reference number on the website and it says they again tried to deliver at 10pm (??!!) on Friday and left a card. Of course, we have had no card. We live on a main road in London, easy to find so why a ‘professional’ courier company cannot make a simple delivery is beyond me. If I don not get tonight this will go further.

  48. I’m having the same problems everyone else is having. Repeated delivery delays, phone calls that magically don’t get logged on any known device, phone support that is akin to having fingernails removed..
    Absolutely pathetic on all counts. Do not touch Walsh Western with a barge pole.

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