Walsh Western Shambles

I ordered a set of Non Dell rails from Dell 7 days ago and they where ready to be delivered to me on the Thursday. I though this was great. I got a call on Thursday from Walsh Western saying that they had tried to deliver the rails. I found this very odd because Jenny was in the house. They said they left a card saying they had been there. I phoned Jenny and she had a look for the card. It wasn’t there.
Friday: Same thing. They say they left a card and Jenny was off work the whole day but we received no card and have not heard anything from them at all.
Saturday: I called them to ask what the hell was going on and they told me that it would be delivered on Monday.
Monday: No rails, No card, No phone call, Sweet FA. I tried to phone but they all close at 17:30.
This is just a bit pathetic although not as pathetic as my recent encounter with Midland Mainline.