Pay to display Jobs

I have had a recent spate of people spamming the job site. I knew this would happen eventually. The site has PR6, this means that spammers think if they have a link on the site it will leak enough pagerank to warrant spamming it. This has meant that a lot of spammers have been putting fake job adverts on the site.
I suppose the only way around this is to ask for money since it is really only cost that will stop a spammer, i.e. if it costs more to spam the site than they get back in return then they are not going to do it, I hope 😉


If you are running Apache in a chroot env and you receive something like this.
null: Had to create DBD::Pg::dr::imp_data_size unexpectedly at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 1190
One cure is to make sure you have copied all your PostgreSQL library files into the directory in your chroot environment.