blogbookmarker and nofollow recently added a trackback to an entry supposedly tagged with Insane on my site recently. I don’t mind them doing this but….

SayNotoNoFollow.gifIt is quite obviously nothing more than cheap advertising for them. I checked there link back to me and guess what, it had a nofollow attribute attached to it.

I have nothing against using nofollow tags but if you want to put a link on my site using a trackback and have the cheek to add a nofollow tag to your link I think you are taking the piss.

I am not a fan of using the nofollow attribute in a blanket fashion. There are cases where it makes sense to use it but I think in their case where they are only really after the PR they can shove it.  

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Movabletype URLS

MT3 used underscore to separate names then along comes MT4 and it uses dashes (better choice in my opinion).metal-movable-type.jpg Having read some recent articles about non technology specific urls I decided to take the liberty of cleaning them up.

To that end I wrote a script to generate mod_rewrite rules based on the old urls. I also removed the .html extension. So the urls should look something like.


At least I hope they do.

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TrackBacks and blog things

What the hell is a trackback?
Sorry, maybe I should rephrase that question a little. How do I use a trackback, I know what it is in theory, so how do I get a digest of someones writing on my site
which I can comment on. I have seen it on other blogs and was just wondering how it is done.
I don’t read that many blogs and for the most part the ones I have read are almost as bad as mine. This means that I rarely feel strongly enough to comment on what I find and when I do it is normally about a topic I refuse to discuss due to the amount of freaks out there who like to talk shit and give it a fancy label.

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