I am Biased

scales.jpegDisclaimer: I am biased because…..
I’m a pragmatist! I have taken Honey & Mumford’s learning styles test and had the following score…..

  • Activist: 10
  • Reflector: 15
  • Theorist: 11
  • Pragmatist: 17

What does this mean? Basically I want results. Idle chit chat and people waxing lyrical bore me. Show me the numbers, the evidence, the proof. I might also add here that I am skeptical of other peoples numbers. I tend to prove things for myself.

Hernia wound infected

I had an operation recently for an Inguinal hernia. You can
see on the right the scar.
The scar is between five and six inches long and you can see that there is an opening along the scar. The pale colour in the opening is an infection and it hurts like hell. The area around the scar is numb to the touch. It is an odd sensation to have no sense of feeling when I touch the area with my finger but for it to actually hurt when I move.Not sure if this is because the wound is quite deep or some other reason.

I have been taking Ciprofloxacin to get rid of the infection. It is working because the wound above is a lot better than it was. I am a bit worried that even though I have been on the antibiotics for about a week now the wound has not closed yet.

American Housing

I was browsing around the net recently and in my travels I came across an estate agent in columbus. I had a look at some of their listings to see what I could get for my money there.
The house on the right is worth £628,587. It has over 22 acres of land, thats over 70 times more than mine.

It has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4.5 garages, and has a lower level with an office and conference room etc. Madness.

To say I am a little envious is an understatement. I couldn’t afford it anyway but its  quite obvious you can get a lot for your money in the states.

Wedding Dress Shopping

No, I didn’t go wedding dress shopping but Jenny did…. and she’s telling me nothing.

It’s quite frustrating wanting to know what the dress will be like but at the same time looking forward to the surprise.

I’m starting to realize why woman enjoy weddings more than men:

  • They like surprises
  • They enjoy confusing us.
  • They like winding us up.

I’ve been told I’m not allowed to look at the digital camera, I’m then told not to look at the PC. I am starting to think I might need to buy a blindfold.

Facebook Hell

I noticed this picture on flickr the other day….
Facebook Hell. I know exactly what the guy means. I have been on facebook for a very short space of time, have 3 friends on there and I am already inundated with drivel. I suppose thats why it is not really appealing to the over 25’s. The application has taken vitality to a whole new annoyance level. I wonder if Dom Jolly will be doing a comedy sketch on this sort of shit.

Alfie Joey

I used to go to the roundtable pub in London every Sunday (sometime in the 90’s) to see budding comedians strutt their stuff. One of the comedians there was Alfie Joey, he was compere. I got to know him a bit and never tired watching him introduce each comedian to the mic.
Anyway. I was browsing around the internet today and stumbled on Alfie’s website purely by accident. I recognised him immediately. If you ever get the opportunity to see this guy in action, do it.

Is DMOZ dead?

It has been more than three years since I tried to upload UKlug to DMOZ. I submitted UKlug to it again today. I am not expecting much from DMOZ. Is it just me or is DMOZ either dead or dying. I got burned a few times asking people what was going on with my listing but because it is a free service they treat you like the scum of the earth. Not a particularly pleasant experience.

Working at Yahoo! is like drinking from a fire hose

Stick with me I will get to the Yahoo bit in a minute but you need to understand a few things first.
I would say one of my main motivations in life is avoiding boredom. I abhor boredom
From webster: to regard with extreme repugnance
I could not agree more. I loathe it.
There are various reasons for this not least of which is I have absolutely no reason to be bored. There are a million books I haven’t read, a thousand technologies I haven’t investigated a billions trees I haven’t seen, a million paths I haven’t trod and 6 billion people I haven’t met….. you get the point.
So when I am bored I have got to ask myself if I am really bored or am I just being stupid. That brings me to my other motivation. Eradicating my own ignorance, I do this with extreme prejudice. I do not consider myself stupid or ignorant but if there is one thing I do know I don’t know enough.
Now that you understand a bit more about what motivates me you know why I joined Yahoo. As I mentioned in the title working here is like drinking from a fire hose. The amount of stuff going on is staggering and the scale of everything is vast. It’s the perfect place for me.