Working at Yahoo! is like drinking from a fire hose

Stick with me I will get to the Yahoo bit in a minute but you need to understand a few things first.
I would say one of my main motivations in life is avoiding boredom. I abhor boredom
From webster: to regard with extreme repugnance
I could not agree more. I loathe it.
There are various reasons for this not least of which is I have absolutely no reason to be bored. There are a million books I haven’t read, a thousand technologies I haven’t investigated a billions trees I haven’t seen, a million paths I haven’t trod and 6 billion people I haven’t met….. you get the point.
So when I am bored I have got to ask myself if I am really bored or am I just being stupid. That brings me to my other motivation. Eradicating my own ignorance, I do this with extreme prejudice. I do not consider myself stupid or ignorant but if there is one thing I do know I don’t know enough.
Now that you understand a bit more about what motivates me you know why I joined Yahoo. As I mentioned in the title working here is like drinking from a fire hose. The amount of stuff going on is staggering and the scale of everything is vast. It’s the perfect place for me.

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