Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/0’ – please check.

I always get this error when I am working i a chroot trying to use screen. In the past I have fixed it using the following command.

mount -t devpts devpts /usr/CHROOT/dev/pts

When this fails another alternative is the following:

script /dev/null

Its a bit of a hack but it gets the job done.

Atom Schema or DTD

There is none. Stop looking!

Neither W3C Schema’s or Relax NG are capable of describing the the Atom specification so if you want a compliant validator you’ll need to write your own.

For a thread on the issue see:

No W3C Schema for Atom

I also ran into an interesting thread where James Clark puts forward Relax NG as a serious alternative to W3C Schema.

Relax NG vs W3C Schema

Having dealt with both I can say I prefer Relax NG. Its simpler.