Google index results

These are my index counts for a particular keyword with the new google “BigDaddy” infrastrucure.
Datacenter: Index Count 30700 31200 30700 31300 30700 30100 31300 31200 31300 31300 31300 30700 30700 31200 31300 31300 30700 30700 31300 31100 31100 31200 31200 31300 30100

Google “Do No Evil”

I belive one of Google’s core values is “Do No Evil”.
I have just watched “Lord of War” and from it I got the impression that some peoples definition of evil are very different than others. I think the same can be said about Google in as much as that their definition may be a bit different than mine.
I have spent the last two months worried sick that I have been shunned by Google for some unknown transgression with regards spamming their search engine which is something I go out of my way not to do. I have hunted a fair bit online to find out why my website has take such a massive hit in earings and today I think I found it.
Google has been releasing a software update called “BigDaddy”, I have no idea what this is going to do for Google but according to some blogs I have read in particular Matts this new update will pave the way for expansion etc of Google blah blah.
Meanwhile I wait in the background wondering if this is the cause of my dilema. I read the forums, search Google for Google related information (Ironic isn’t it) and generally worry myself sick thinking I have done something wrong and have been penalised.
I don’t know about you but if Google could do something about my distress but chooses not too then surely this could be construed as being a little bit evil. On the other hand if releasing some bulletin etc impacted the masses more than us web masters then that could also be construed as being a little bit evil as well, probably more so. It’s certainly a sticky situation to be in regardless of what side of the fence you are on. However they did say “Do No Evil”. If you have read “Built to Last” it would appear that Google has not yet seen the Genuis of the AND” and would appear to still side on the “The Tyranny of the Or”.
Why can they not keep us informed of these impacts and make massive changes. Would it affect share price that much, is their share price more important to them than their users?
I have no idea what has happened over that last few months (which is the biggest problem) but whatever they have done I appear to be on the wrong end of it and have never felt as let down by them as I do now. It is small comfort to know that this happens fairly regulary and given enough time it will all sort itself out.
I really hope it does.