Making Oil paint – Demo at Los Altos Art Club

I did a demo at Los Altos Art Club making oil paint. It was good fun and everyone there got to use the mull to see just how hard it can be to push it around on the glass slab. I was originally going to mull some watercolor as well but the cleanup of both would have taken the demo well past the hour so I decided to just do oil. I picked Burnt Umber since it makes lovely paint with linseed oil and nothing else.

Find powers of 3

I saw this question somewhere and thought I’d jot down an answer. I’m sure there’s a bit twiddling method to do this but I think this is about as fast as you’re going to get…

  int power_of_3(uint32_t n) {
    switch(n) {
      case 1: return 1;break;
      case 3: return 1;break;
      case 9: return 1;break;
      case 27: return 1;break;
      case 81: return 1;break;
      case 243: return 1;break;
      case 729: return 1;break;
      case 2187: return 1;break;
      case 6561: return 1;break;
      case 19683: return 1;break;
      case 59049: return 1;break;
      case 177147: return 1;break;
      case 531441: return 1;break;
      case 1594323: return 1;break;
      case 4782969: return 1;break;
      case 14348907: return 1;break;
      case 43046721: return 1;break;
      case 129140163: return 1;break;
      case 387420489: return 1;break;
      case 1162261467: return 1;break;
      case 3486784401: return 1;break;
    return 0;

Hiccup for Callista

Callista fell in love with Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. I painted Toothless and Hiccup, the dragon turned out terrible so I won’t be adding it here. Hiccup doesn’t look much better but he’s recognizable. I’ve been dabbling in watercolor so decided to use it, the more I play with watercolor the more I like it, it also forces me to practice drawing more than Oil or Acrylics do.

Abbott Handerson Thayer Roses

The moment I seen his Roses I knew I had to copy them. Abbot Handerson Thayer did a lot of work regarding camouflage. His paintings are nothing short of genius and I learned a lot copying his painting.

The image below is my copy. It’s ok but it lacks the tonal variation of the original, it also lacks the brushwork. If you look closely at the brushwork of the original he was definitely painting wet in wet and the way the paint mixes when doing so is difficult to replicate any other way.

Self Portrait WIP

This is a self portrait that’s about half way complete. I did two of these side by side one of which I did while using the reference upside down to see what it would look like.

Winslow Homer Fog Warning

I tried to copy Winslow Homer Fog Warning. It didn’t come out as good as I wanted but I’d only been painting for a month when I tried this one. Winslow was a fantastic painter both in oils and Watercolors. A few months after I painted it I bought a 48″ canvas to do a full size version, I had the drawing done but I managed to put a whole in it so that project got put on hold 🙂

Started Painting

I painted for the first time tonight. The last time I remember painting I was in primary school in Mrs Orrs class with those cheap childrens paints. Tonight was no different, I bought some paint for the kids to create some paintings for Jenny for her Birthday which was fun and messy for all concerned.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try painting so after a few beers I had enough courage to try it, I painted a cartoon like snowman, it looks awful but I loved every minute of it. It was a strange feeling to just go at it. I might eventually post the painting here but it’s truly bad, maybe when I can actually paint I’ll have enough courage not to care.

Ziff Davis Spam House

For quite some time I have been receiving rubbish emails on various topics and they all originate from Ziff Davis. I have never subscribed to any of these so called magazine or whatever they are, they have obviously bought some email list that I was unlucky enough to have been on and then automatically subscribed me to every email list under the sun. This is extremely irritating. I’ve written an email to the following people to unsubscribe me.
Since the bots will eventually pick this up I hope they get the same enjoyment from their own Spamming techniques as I have.

qemu bridged networking

My final /etc/networking/interfaces file looks like (this is for Debian)

auto lo eth0 tap0 br0

iface lo inet loopback

iface br0 inet dhcp
bridge_ports eth0 tap0
bridge_maxwait 0

iface eth0 inet manual

iface tap0 inet manual
pre-up tunctl -b -u <my_user_name> -t tap0
pre-up ifconfig tap0 up
post-down tunctl -d tap0

I stole this from the following site

Beware the username enttry above needs to be changed to your username… You will also need to install uml-utilities. Once I had this running I could start my image as follows:

qemu -net nic -net tap,ifname=tap0,script=no -hda debian.img