Installing bbBOARDv2

I have been looking for some decent bulleting board software recently and having been bitten by PhpBB severe lack of security and the fact that most PHP based BB bulleting boards ie vbulletin etc seem to have the same problem I started to look for alternatives. One alternative I found was bbBOARDv2 which uses Perl and is compatible with PostgreSQL which is a bonus in my book. I decided to try it and this was were the fun began.
For some reason it kept complaining that it was missing a curly bracket at the end of the script, this was odd because in a non mod_perl env it would work fine.
I added the curly brace and the script would now compile and it appeared to be working except that it wanted 2.2Gb of memory and spurted the following complaint.
Deep recursion on subroutine “Compress::Zlib::AUTOLOAD” at /usr/lib/perl5/Compress/Zl line 87.
Woops! This is not so good. This would have killed my server if I had not caught it. I have now given up trying to install it because I don’t want it to bring down the server. I am awaiting some support which seems to be a long time arriving.