What is a DSO Exploit

I have noticed that a few people came here to find out information on what exactly a DSO Exploit is so I put together the following. If you need more leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.
Most of you are wondering why spybot is reporting a DSO Exploit. First, there is a bug in spybot at the moment that means it will always report this error. The bug will be fixed in a newer version of spybot.
Don’t panic, your system may be as clean as a whistle.
What is a DSO Exploit.
DSO stands for Data Source Object. So a Data Source Exploit can be very severe when you consider your hard drive is a data source or pretty much anything else for that matter and can be accessed using a method called data binding. A DSO Exploit is where someone maliciously uses data binding techniques to gain access to material they are not meant to access. This was a bug in some versions of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express etc. Note I said old versions, the new versions no longer have this problem and I suggest you upgrade to these to avoid the bug.
This does not mean you have to go and buy the latest microsoft software. Microsoft release service packs that come with the necessary patches required to fix this problem so get the latest service pack for your system and install it and you will be safe from this particular bug, or at least until some smart arse finds another way to crack it
To stop SpyBot reporting the error do the following
Open SpyBot in advanced mode
Select: Settings
Select: Ignore Products
On the “All Products” tab scroll to “DSO Exploit” and check it.