Heroin Take Away

I just noticed the following in an article on the BBC. I admit the article was written quite a while ago but it still struck me as stating the bloody obvious.

Youngsters in Luton can now get a fix of heroin delivered faster than a pizza, a community drugs project has warned.

so whats new. I was under the impression that it pretty much the same everywhere. Only just yesterday I saw a drug deal take place on the way home from work. I regularly smell “Grass” when walking through Luton town center, particularly at night.
The articles also goes on to say

drugs use was on the rise among Asian communities in the UK.

Again, whats new. Its on the increase everywhere. To top it off though I also liked the following statement.

They also warned that drug dealers were seen by teenagers as role models.

Do I have to ask “whats new” again. Why should teenagers not look up to people who drive around in brand new BMW’s and Merc’s. When ‘Dad’ says
“Son, drugs are bad! Don’t do them and don’t sell them!”
‘Son’ then sees dad catch the bus to work while Mr drug dealer sales past with the roof down in a BMW convertible.
What message are we sending to the kids when this happens.
“Thats society won’t tolerate drugs.”
Errrrrrrrr, wrong answer!
As far as most kids are concerned they see flash cars and bling on the drug dealer, looking at his dad he sees sweat on his brow and a worn out suit on his back.
We are not sending the right message to the teenagers by allowing drug dealers to walk the streets. Lock them up and throw away the key. Of course it costs a lot of money to put people in prison so we tend towards leniency. God forbid we would be too harsh on our criminals and cost the taxpayer more money!