Oxford Dictionary

I noticed tonight that the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is being replaced by www.webster.com.
How do I know this? Well, have a look for
what on earth do they mean chiefly British variant of CLAMOR
BOLLIX. What they should really mean is
proper spelling of our americanised terrible spelling of CLAMOR
All jokes aside I use webster.com almost religiously and have even adopted color over colour. Having looked at the OED website it’s little wonder why people are now using the webster.com dictionary over the OED. The OED has pushed a small search box over to the right hand side corner and filled the screen with:
1: A word of the day
If I wanted a word of the day I would go looking for it. Its a bit daft to place this “nice feature” above the dictionary.
2: A quote From.
I own the “Oxford Dictionary of Quotations” and if I am after a quote I am not looking for a Dictionary.
3, A word From (some foreign language).
Who cares how the French say “shit”, wheres the ENGLISH dictionary …..(I o)
I think the OED is selling itself short. I know that for some people Webster is the be all and end all but I am still a believer in the OED. I would like the OED to retain the definitive English dictionary crown but judging from their website this looks unlikely. They should really place more emphasis on it than they do or they risk becoming runner up to webster.com or some other more techno savvy company.