Unsolicited Email

Last year I was looking for work so I registered with gojobsite.co.uk and stuck my CV up their. I actaully did get some leads from it but nothing substantial.
Anyway I seem to get random emails from recruiters that are completely irrelevant. I don’t get them often but I do get them and I know that its a bulk mailing system they are using. They have not even looked at the details they just do a mix and match hodge podge and come up with a list, the more the merrier because they know there are plenty of dumb ass people who forward job offers emails all over the place. If you think there is nothing wrong with this then have a read of Sharp Practices.
Anyway I got another one today and I politely asked them to take me off the mailing list. The reply was as follows

The email was sent through an internet candidate database. Your details
have come up in a search of keywords from your CV.
Inevitably, there are mistakes made with this type of search, meaning
job descriptions may not be perfectly suited to your profile.
However, we invite candidates to send their CV so that we can update
their profile accordingly on our in-house database
If you no longer wish to receive emails through internet databases,
then this point needs to be raised with any Recruitment websites you are
subscribed to.
If you wish to be included on our in-house database, please reply with
your most up-to-date CV, detailing your ideal position in the body of
the email. We will then call, or email you with details of more suitable
Any questions, do not hesitate in contacting me directly

If I had registered with several recruitment sites how am I meant to tell which one I am to go back to and change. The other thing is, I might be very happy with the other companies that send me job advertisements except his and no internet recruitment company I have come across allows you to selectively choose which “Partners” of theirs are allowed to send you emails.
I know that the laws changed on December 11 2003 so I decided to go looking to see if there was anything I could do about it.
This is what I found
I have asked them to take me off their email list and they have failed to comply. I have replied with pointers to the appropriate materials online and I am awaiting a reply to that. If I get no joy then I will report them.