Google Talk

I received an invite the other day to a Google talk in London. For those that don’t know me I am fascinated by search engines, particularly google since there is more online about how they did their stuff than any of the others. You can imagine my enthusiasm at the prospect of going so I registered my interest and decided to go.
I then discovered that the talk has been organized by Pulse Group. From what I can gather they are the recruitment arm of Google for Ireland (wild guess). This rang recruitment company alarm bells for me, (I wrote an entire site to circumvent the need to go through a recruitment company, I don’t trust them.)
I am making bets online that it is going to be some corporate nonsense recruitment drive with more emphasis on that than on Googles tech.
I was also disappointed by the website.
1. No document type
2. It is mostly flash so a lot of people cannot see it.
3. Most of the menus are tiny and hard to read.
4. I was unable to resize the text.
5. The text is embedded in flash so it cannot be indexed by Google the people they are representing.
6. Some of the menus are mouse dependent (The mouse must hover over them to view the content)
Its another site designed by managers for managers. I suppose they have a different set of requirements than me.
Anyway I didn’t go. I would be interested in hearing from people who did go and what they thought of the talk………….
As a follow up I was correct. A friend of mine went and was quite pissed off because it was a total waste of his time.

Its about time

For years unscrupulous recruitment agencies have been getting away with shafting people left right and center but some new laws have been passed to prevent this. I doubt if the laws will have much impact on the agencies that are making money doing what they do but at least we now know that the brass have noticed.