Top 10 Worlds Best Singers

I found a website the other day that had the following results from a pole of who was the best male and best female singers ever. Anyway the results where
Top 10 male singers
Frank Sinatra 21.2%
Elvis Presley 8.7%
Garth Brooks 5.7%
Luciano Pavarotti 3.6%
Elton John 3.1%
Bing Crosby 3.1%
George Strait 2.4%
Nat King Cole 2.3%
Perry Como 1.8%
Luther Vandros 1.7%
Top 10 female singers
Barbara Streisand 14.0%
Celine Dion 8.6%
Whitney Houston 7.5%
Reba McEntire 4.5%
Dolly Parton 3.5%
Shania Twain 3.2%
Ella Fitzgerald 2.8%
Aretha Franklin 2.5%
Mariah Carey 2.5%
Loretta Lynn 2.4%
I know this was a pole about who people thought was the best singers but I can’t help thinking that its should have been called a pole of the best known male and female singers not the best ever singers.
How did I come to this conclusion? Well to start, Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby are lower than Elton John, I am sorry, Elton is a fantastic singer but he was not a better singer than Nat or Bing by any stretch of the imagination. Personally I would have had Elvis Sinatra and Nat and Bing in the top four with Nat pipping Sinatra at the post ( Nature Boy is always good for a smokey room if you know what I mean ).
As for the women. Jesus christ they have Ella and Aretha coming in under Dolly Parton. For gods sake are they deaf as posts ( after an hour of Dollys high pitched voice they may have lost some hearing at certain frequencies), don’t get me wrong I like Dolly but much more for her writing than her singing ( “Whitneys” I’d do anything for you was written by Dolly) or my favorite 9 to 5 written by Dolly while on the set of the movie. I particularly like the line ” “Pour myself a cup of ambition”.
I am not even about to start on classical singers.
I know its all subjective but I would be interested to know who each one of the singers thought was the best.