Spamassassin Plugin for Moveable Type

I asked on the Moveable Type support Forum if anyone would be interested in a plugin that uses SpamAssassin. There were no replies to the post so it looks like it is either longer such an issue in the blogging world or maybe its already been done and I have not found the link. Perhaps I posted it to the wrong forum 😉 I would have thought that there would have been some interest in it but I was mistaken.
I wrote the plugin on Saturday and it is almost finished except for the pretty GUI. The Bayesian filtering is also working on it and I have tested it by scripting a few thousand spam entries into it and seeing if it would start spotting them and it did.
Thanks to the pluggable nature of Movable Type the plugin sits quite unobtrusively in it. I was after a much simpler solution than Blacklist without the separate GUI and management facilities etc and I think I could achieve this.
I intend to keep working at it and eventually use it on this blog so if you would like to try it contact me.