Spell Counterfeiting

Having read Bruce’s article on Belgium’s latest way of trying to reduce counterfeiting I got the impression he’s not particularly impressed and I don’t blame him.
Professionals will spot the speling mistakes, particularly now that they know they should be looking for them. They might be thinking that several foreign languages might fool the bilingual counterfeiter but its hardly rocket science for the more accomplished crook to refer to bablefish or a foreign dictionary or some other external reference…….. oh…oh perhaps a real card!
It would appear that Belgium may be assuming their counterfeit operations are run by a bunch of half wits who only speak “da wocal wanguage”, have no access to the internet and are not particularly well educated.
I suppose if every card had a semi-random spelling on it then it might introduce a bit more labour on the part of the counterfeiter but that only works until they figure out how to scan it and of course you’re then back to the gimpy race
I would love to see some stats on the success rate of this new idea.