I have a few rules about politics:
Rule 1. Do not talk about Politics.
1. You do not talk about Politics.
2. You do not talk about Politics.
3. When someone wants to talk or tries to talk about politics, the talk is over.
4. No two guys to a talk.
5. Zero talks at a time.
6. No left, no right.
7. Talks do not go on for any period of time.
8. If this is your first talk about politics, you have to shut the hell up!
I have many reasons for this none of which I will go into because of rule 1. Unfortunately I am sorely tempted to speak out about current events going on around the world and invariably topics close to my heart get close to politics but if I keep rule 1 in mind I will be much happier and release more good karma into the world 😉

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