Nightmare 06 Oct 03

I have had an absolute nightmare of a day trying to get various bits of hardware to operate together. After further investigation we quickly came to the conclusion that ‘s RAM had shagged the PC. I knew that as the current law stands that I have not got a leg to stand on, or at least I would have if I had the money to chase them for the next several months proving that there hardware was to blame.
Before anyone says that I am not really qualified to make such a general statement about their hardware I should probably state that I was “PACE” qualified for 3 years in a row and spent 5 years as a satellite engineer so I know my way around a circuit board better than most.
For reference I have also tried to get the Highpoint Card running better. It was giving me some really slow speeds when using hdparm. So I downloaded the driver from the website, installed it, and for a few minutes it tripled my hdparm speeds then it froze the PC. I tried it twice before giving up.

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