Joys of DOS 5 20 Oct 03

Well I managed to get to play with DOS 5 today to get the PC working, don’t ask. I then had trouble trying to get the data off the old drive that was in the original PC because it insisted that ‘it’ was the operating system and that it was going to boot no matter where on the IDE channels you put it. It also seemed to ignore various jumper settings which was very odd. A quick format /mbr taught it who the boss was and we had no more trouble from the cheap seats.
After not having much success with due to spurious line disconnections we eventually got online with uklinux which was an ISP I used to use when Jason Clifford ran it. Unfortunately he is no longer concerned with it for various reasons, but he has started which I can highly recommend.
I then downloaded ZoneAlarm and AVG for them. Unfortunately I forgot my Video cable or they could have been using a 19″ Iiyama Vision Master instead of the old 14″ jurassic valve driven thing they had been using previously.
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