RSS Job feeds

I added another
RSS Job feed to the database today. I NEED more rss job feeds for the database. I have aproximately 13 rss feeds from various jobsites now which are producing approximately 20,000 jobs every two weeks. I would really like to increase this and drop the cleanup time to just under a week rather than two weeks which is what I am using at the moment.
If you know of a rss job feed that I have not already added to the database then please email me with the feed URL and I will add it to the list and then you can search the feed along with all the rest.

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  1. Cheers for that. I will try and add these to the database tonight.
    How often would you recommend I syndicate the files. I normally default to about 8 hours. If the pages are not updated this often then please let me know and I can save us both some bandwidth.

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