Cruise Missile Going Cheap

Have you ever read something and thought that there is no justice in the world. Have you ever been pushed far enough that in an act of desperation you would do anything to keep yourself sane, Bruce Simpson has and he’s selling cheap cruise missiles because of it. The New Zealand Government has decided to persecute him because he showed that it was possible to build a cruise missile for 5000 dollars and they didn’t like it.
Bruce Simpson Cruise Missile Maker extraordinare
Now if I had been the government the last thing I would have done would have tried to draw any attention to him at all and possibly even hire him. It’s a shame he has been pushed to the point of offering to build a missile for anyone but if you treat a man like and animal you are sure to be bit.
I thought that the lady holding the torch stood for freedom and liberty so why do we still hear about governments persecuting people, particularly America. You would have thought that history (our greatest teacher) teaches that persecution is a fine way to shoot yourself in both feet at the same time whilst simultaneously lighting cigarettes near a gas leak.
Will we ever learn?

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