Website Traffic Spam

I received a great little bit of spam that I thought I would chase up to see from whence it came. The following is the text of the email with the links edited a bit.
You have got a useful web site, but no one visits it?
Get each page of your www-site crawled by each major Search Engine including: MSN, AOL, Google, Yahoo, Overture, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, Excite, Inktomi, Webcrawler, Ask Jeeves, etc. Having each page of your site relisted every quarter will expose your site to extra traffic.
Site1: www[dot]hvat[dot]org/9767[dot]asp
Get more traffic from the search engines!
Jennifer Clark,
Marketing Executive
On following the site there you get redirected to which is a
site that reportedly submits your site to all the search engines once a month
if you pay a fee for this to be done.
For those of you that think this is great idea here are some facts.
1. Five search engines command over 80% of the market share
2. Its free to submit to these search engines.
3. Submitting to a search engine more than once is pointless.
4. Some search engines don’t like the submission of individual pages only home pages.
Most important of all is:
Don’t believe a bloody word you read on a website. That piece of advice goes
for my site to. Check everything I say and make sure I am not feeding you a crock
of shit otherwise you will just be another internet luser. When some stranger
approaches you on the street and offers you a magic bean you know straight away
the blokes full of it, a fraudster, a crook. Its just the same on the World Wide
Web except there’s more of them and for the most part they are not going to prison if you have been dumb enough to give them your cash.
Believe nothing, confirm everything, take nothing for granted and always watch
your back.

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