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  1. Doesn’t surprise me.
    I work 200 yards away from their Wombourne factory and the whole area stinks.
    The local council have warned them several times about the smell. Not only does their factory stink, but just behind the building is an open sewage farm!
    Have a look on multimap (aerial photos) of WV5 8AQ.
    The off-white factory toward the bottom is McCains. Go up and left (11 o’clock) and you’ll see 3 round circles. Sewage pits.

  2. Hi,
    Did you get an answer from McCain?
    I recently bought some ‘Roasted’ oven potato product and one of the potatoes was mouldy and I couldn’t spit it out fast enough.
    (couldn’t find their website to contact, and found this site instead on Google).
    Not sure if it’s worth complaining about 1 spore covered potato if your complaint didn’t get their response.

  3. Yes, they regreted that we were unhappy with their products and they sent us some McCain couchers and a tray with holes in it.
    The vouchers are worthless because every time we buy their chips and cook them they stink of ammonia.
    The letter was the usual,
    “Its not our fault….. you must remember that…… sometimes a bad pack escapes our notice……”
    Rubbish, we purchased several packs from different stores and they all smelt like Pig Shit. I wish there was some way to see the complaints from a locality to see if anyone else had complained of a similar problem.
    I suppose we should have reported it to the local Council and let them deal with it.
    To top it off we have been using another manufactureers chips and have had no trouble at all so we can rule out our storage or preperation of them.

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