Eastacott Barton House

http://www.eastacott.com/devon-bed-and-breakfast.htm>is simply magnificent
We went gliding at the weekend and we wanted to stay somewhere close to the airfield and Jenny found Eastacott house. I had my reservations about it but thats because I have stayed in more bad b&b’s than good ones.
My mind was soon put to rest on arrival at the house. To start, the grounds are absolutely stunning. The man of the house is a keen gardner and he has done a fine job on the grounds. I don’t know how he managed it but it looked as if the garden had just been done for our arrival.
The room we stayed in was called Honeysuckle and was huge. It was quite funny when we walked in and couldn’t see the bathroom. We quickly realised that the door to what we thought was a wardrobe led to a bathroom which is as big as a double room complete with Jacuzzi.
What I really liked was the little touches.
1. On arrival at the house they both come out to meet us which I thought was just lovely, its such a rare courtesy nowdays that it suprised me.
2. The room had a stereo and classical music was playing
3. There were a few little biscuits in a tin beside the bed (I love shortbread).
If you are after a place to stay then look no further. It is not the cheapest but it’s certainly one of the best B&B’s I have stayed in.

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