I have not been able to do any work on thesearch engine for quite a while due to commitments with maths etc but I now have some free time so I have restarted spidering again.
What I am aiming for is about 100 million pages as a base to start working on. I am probably going to impliment the whole thing using Postgres because I do not have the time to write the software requred to handle the storage (the files are stored as flat files on disk) its the meta data that I will be storing in Postgres. I will let Postgres do all the nitty gritty work so that I can concentrate on the ranking and search algorithms.
I am also looking at just using plain text ie splitting out the html completely and rely in the text and not the formatting of the document to rank each document. The reasons for this are:
a) It is much much simpler. I started writing an HTML parser in flex and believe me its a pain in the ass.
b) Plain text is also where the information is and it is this that I am interested in. Dealing with the formatting is not something I want to have to deal with. I intend to store each document raw to disk incase I change my mind later though 😉

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