Unique Ip address parser

Dean sent me the following to parse the logs and see how many unique ip address’s I was getting on a monthly basis.
grep ‘Nov/2004’ uk*.log | awk ‘{ print $1 }’ | sort | uniq | wc
I wrote the following in Perl which does the same thing but I think I prefer Deans
perl -ne ‘/^(.*?)\s/; $a{$1}++;} END{for (keys %a){$c++;print “$_ == $a{$_}\n”} print “$c\n”;’ ukl*ss.log
maybe we could
perl -ane ‘$a{$F[0]}++};END{for (keys %a){$c++;print “$_ == $a{$_}\n”} print “$c\n”;’ ukl*ss.log
or maybe even
perl -ane ‘$a{$F[0]}++} END{for(keys %a){$c++;} print “$c\n”;’ ukl*ss.log
Or we could just
perl -ane ‘$a{$F[0]}++;END{print keys(%a).”\n”;}’ ukl*ss.log
bollicks to this. I am also sure there is some clever one liner in Perl to do this but I hardly ever use them so I will leave it to the reader to beat it 😉

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