Xterm vs Eterm

I have been using Eterm for some time now because enlightenment is my normal choice on Linux and I have never really needed anything else, however, I have noticed that on my machine at work I was getting some odd behavior when using ALT-TAB to switch between terminals so I decided to try xterm instead and I have to say I am very impressed with it.
It involves a little bit more work to set up but then most good things do. So far I have experienced no odd behavior and I think I might adopt xterm as my default terminal, it just seems more mature and competent than Eterm.
These are the setting I stared with in .Xdefaults
xterm*Background: black
xterm*Foreground: grey
xterm*VT100*geometry: 140×28+1+1
xterm*font: 9×15
xterm*scrollBar: False
xterm*JumpScroll: on
xterm*saveLines: 4096
. To load then use
shell]$ xrdb .Xdefaults

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