kernel: cdrom: dropping to single frame dma

This error manifests itself when using grip to encode some CD’s to ogg. When the CD is scratched it takes a long time to rip it to disk so I would normally set these aside and do them later. When I tried to abort the ripping grip fails with an application error and if I check the logs I see
kernel: cdrom: dropping to single frame dma
ripping after this point fails at around 90% of each track. I have hunted high and low for a solution and so far I have not found one. I am using a SCSI cd burner
‘YAMAHA ‘ ‘CRW2100S ‘ ‘1.0H’ Removable CD-ROM
For the time being one solution that I seen mentioned was to reload the kernel module for the CD drive. This is not easy for me because mine was compiled into the kernel. I decided to download 2.6.8 and see if it works instead. I compiled my SCSI card driver as a module just in case anything went wrong.
Something weird did happen. When I booted into the new kernel I was unable to mount the H320 USB device which is a bit of a bummer. Worse than that was XFree86 started using between 60 and 90 percent CPU. Something is definitely not right with the the new kernel. I decided to recompile the kernel with the SCSI device built in in the off chance that it may have caused this but when I booted back in everything was fine for a few minutes and then X went mad again. I was still unable to see the USB device either. I was also unable to mount my SATA drive either which is where the CD collection is stored so I am switching back to the 2.6.5 kernel and will just reboot when it happens.
For the lowdown on the problem have a look at the following thread

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