Edenvale University Scam

The university above is completely fictitious. They have copied Leeds Uni. Compare the following 2 sites
Leeds University
They have even left references in the source code of the page to Leeds university. They are selling qualifications. It would appear that some people are using them
After reading this guys CV I noticed what appears to be another dodgy site
I have not seen this “Body” mentioned anywhere else yet they have listed Edenvale as one of their universities.

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  1. This is actually another name (up to about 18 now) of the University Degree Program scam. The diplomas are worthless and are basically timebombs in your resume. When you call the number, a salesperson calls back and negociates date, type of degree and price. You can generally bash them down to about $US500 before they hang up on you. Dont worry, it won’t be around long. As soon as the name is published on the web, it changes..AGAIN!

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