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  1. If you are still desperate and alpha-tester-less, your prayers may be answered, for lo!, I have an install that is throwing me a permissions error. When I click on the MT-SA item in the
    MT main menu, I get a page that says “An error occurred” and, in a red frame, “No permissions.”
    I used the 0.2 distribution of MT-SA, although the version reported by MT is 0.1– I assume that is a bug. 🙂 My install is with MT 3.15, rather than 3.12 which you indicate you are running on. Also, I have installed the additional plugins of (deep breath): DropCap, FilterCategories,MTTagInvoke,Scripturizer,MT-Categories, MT-Category-Extensions,MTIfEmpty,MT-List,MT-Nofollow,MT-RegEx,the 1/24/05 mail patch, and the MT 3.15 upgrade itself.
    Still brave enough to have me assay debugging on this? Well, I haven’t yet mentioned that this installation is running suexec with the binaries in a separate cgi-bin directory from the static content.
    Obviously, with that density of plugins, something went awry. 🙂 Likewise, it is obviously the second line in the show_menu sub in that is unhappy, namely:
    my $perms = $app->{perms} or return $app->error($app->translate(“No permissions”));
    There are no errors in the Apache logs, the su_exec log, or
    MT-SpamAssassin log. The MT-SA log is showing a lone entry of
    Registering SA3 Plugin
    at each (attempted) invocation from the main menu.
    I’m comfortable with Perl, but I do not know the innards of MT, hence my appeal for the developer expertise. Any and all assistance in running this to ground appreciated, since I would really like to get this working as my nascent blog is in limbo until I get some decent spam control on it, and SA is going to be hands-down the winner in *that* category. (I’ve been using it for a while now with my e-mail, and its spotless reputation is certainly well deserved.)

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