Raja Fashions

I seen an advert for Raja fashions ( http://www.raja-fashions.com/ ) in the economist the other week. I could remember someone mentioning that there is a group of tailors from Hong Kong who sometimes com over here to ply their trade so I decided that I would go and have a look to see what sort of outfit they operated.
Alarm bell 1.
They had hired a small room in the Hilton and there was absolutely nothing on display except cuts of material.
Alarm bell 2.
The advertised prices in the Economist advert are complete rubbish and a lot lower than what they offered me.
Alarm bell 3.
Ladies tailoring for a suit adds £100 to the price.
Alarm bell 4.
There was another guy being seen to by the man himself and he seemed to be making some noise about the whole setup ie none of the information he was now being told was on the website etc.
Anyway at this point I decided I would rather not have anything to do with them so promptly left.
Alarm bell 5.
When I left the guy came out and asked me if I wanted a cheap suit. I explained that the way he was pressuring the guy in there put me off and no I was not particularly interested in a cheap suit which is why I was leaving. I sincerely doubt I would be getting anything but a cheap suit from him regardless of price paid hence my quick departure.
I would still love a tailor made suit and a full length trench coat but it looks as if I am going to have to head to Saville row rather than fly by night traveling salesmen.

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