HR-XML runs more conferences than any other organisation I have ever known. The most recent email I received is for…..

HR-XML’s Global Partnering and Integration Summit is the singular event during the year tailored to the interests and information needs of those within the field of HR services. Time-pressed technologists, strategists, and executives will benefit from a program that reads like a who’s who of leaders within the industry. This is your chance to network with peers, partners, and business prospects as wells as enjoy all the attractions of Las Vegas.
Below are just some of the sessions on the Summit program. ***SPACE IS
LIMITED*** So register today at:

I noticed that Rony Kahan from indeed is speaking at it on the following topic:

OpenID and Microformats: A New Approach to HR Data Sharing on the Web
Rony Kahan, Co-Founder, Indeed

I did not see any speakers from I would have thought to see someone from both parties getting involved with HR-XML. Looks like Indeed might be taking steps to ensure they get to help set whatever standards are coming.

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