Choosing a Database

I just got back from N Ireland and sat down today and drew up some plans. I have Oracle Postgres and MySQL to choose from as a backend to this system.
Those who have worked with Oracle will know that on a system like mine you would be lucky to get it running due to memory requirements. I have it installed and working but I had to raise the shred memory to over 300Mb to get it to work properly. This does not leave much room for anything else on my box. There is also the license issue. I may want to put the database online some time which means lots of cash.
This is a fantastic database. It has a reasonable memory footprint for small apps and can scale very well. I have never thrashed it but according to reports 7.3 is very fast compared to 7.2.
I am afraid that this database although a very good product has several features missing that I cannot live without.
I have decided to use Postgres. I have also decided that the robots will be written in Perl. The reasons for using Perl are quite simple, I know it and its versatile, you can pretty much do anything you want in it. For those die hards who may claim that it wont be fast enough remember I am not limited by the robots but several other factors like bandwidth etc. The robots will utilise some pre-packaged modules designed just for the task at hand. I will post the code at some point.
–These are the tables that I am going to be using
create table home_page
url_id int4 DEFAULT NEXTVAL(‘url_id_pk’),
url varchar(2000) unique,
state int4 default 0,
date_time timestamp default now(),
last_modified_time timestamp,
PRIMARY KEY(url_id, url)
create table links_found
parent_url_id int4,
found_url varchar(2000),
PRIMARY KEY(parent_url_id, found_url)

Building a search engine 08 Sep 03

I am playing with the idea of building a search engine. I think that this idea is a bit more than I can chew but hey, what the hell, I am sure no one in their right mind has though of doing it before, not!
I had a good think about what I could do that would be a bit smaller and marginally easier to manage so I have decided to store URL’s. I know that this is still going to be a massive undertaking but I have never been one to shirk from the unsurmountable plus I get to play with lots of data something I like to do. There is no real purpose to this other than me getting to play with massive amounts of data. I also get to thrash the crap out of my NTL connection and my little box.
I have a 1Mb connection which in the UK is considered fairly fast. I am running a Athlon XP 1700 with 512Mb RAM. I have 4 hard disks one of which is an 18Gb SCSI the rest are 20Gb IDE. You can see that I am already going to run out of RAM and HD space in a fairly short space of time.


I have a few rules about politics:
Rule 1. Do not talk about Politics.
1. You do not talk about Politics.
2. You do not talk about Politics.
3. When someone wants to talk or tries to talk about politics, the talk is over.
4. No two guys to a talk.
5. Zero talks at a time.
6. No left, no right.
7. Talks do not go on for any period of time.
8. If this is your first talk about politics, you have to shut the hell up!
I have many reasons for this none of which I will go into because of rule 1. Unfortunately I am sorely tempted to speak out about current events going on around the world and invariably topics close to my heart get close to politics but if I keep rule 1 in mind I will be much happier and release more good karma into the world 😉

Linking to external sites

I often find links on sites that open a new window rather than opening in the window that the link was found in. I can only assume that the web designer made the assumption that they know what the user wants better than the user. What they have effectively done is create a reverse “pop-behind” advert to themselves which is a bit mad when you think about it. Given the choice I will always use normal links on my sites.
If I want a site to open in a new window then
I will make that decision myself. Who are you to tell me what I should be doing.

No time anymore.

I remember when I was a kid that I always seemed to bored out of my scull. I could never find anything that I wanted to do, I had no hobbies that did not involve something I shouldn’t be doing and there was not really an awful lot to do in Cullybackey.
Things did not change when I joined the Navy. This is one organisation that makes watching a kettle boil positively exhilarating. I decided to leave the Navy after 8 years of mental abuse from which I think I have made a full recovery. I am only thankfull I was not in when we went to the gulf to take part in what I think may become one of the biggest fiascos of this century.
Since leaving the Navy 3 years ago I have not got enough hours in the day and it seems to be getting worse. We where taught time management in the Navy ie. if you don’t manage it you are in the shit but I seem to be struggling to do everything I want to do and the list just keeps getting longer.
Looking back I wouldn’t change anything but I sometimes crave for an hour of boredom.

Uklug Coming on

I have now got,
A login facility.
Agency Ratings.
Job Postings.
I have also added a few other bits and bobs. I am hoping to start adding some agencies to the database so that we will at least have some content that users can browse.
I will write all this myself initially but I really should investigate some of the Forums and other tools that are out there at the moment. No doubt they will have done a better job at this stuff than me.

Started Recruitment Agency Ratings Website

Managed to get started on uklug for the first time today. I have been meaning to get stuck into getting something up for a long time and this has been my chance. I need to be doing something to hone my programming skills and I think building a dynamic site in Perl although corny is as good as place as any to make a start.
This project was originally on Sourceforge as Jobix but due to lack of interest it kind of faded into the back ground. It is still a one man show which means that features and developement will be fairly slow

Left Job

Officially left Colt-telecom today. If anyone is ever offered a job there, take it. It is a nice place to work and they have a go-getter attitude in everything they do. There was quite a bit of restructuring that was taking place when I left but I imagine once that is over it will be an even nicer place to work.

Gardening Leave

I was given “Gardening Leave” today. What this means is that I am on paid holiday. Colt did not have to do it but it is nice to get some time to decide what I want to do with my life. I really want to become a developer so I am going to concentrate on that. I also need to decide if I am going to look for a job straight away or not.
I have decided to do Maths next year and I have not done any since Collingwood 94. This means that I am tempted to take the year off work to refresh my Maths and to concentrate on some personal goals. The thought of doing Maths and building websites in my spare time while trying to hold down a job I do not want to be in is not very appealing to me.


Was in a horrendous crash at the weekend 8 Aug 2002. A 40 ton truck decided to move from the fast lane into the slow lane immediately on coming out of a roundabout. Needless to say both Jenny and I where in the slow lane. We where pinned in front of the truck for about 100 metres before we where flipped into the central reservation. We where close enough to the grill of the Lorry to feel the heat from it.