AMD64 and MSI K8T

Well, I got the AMD64 today and got it all put together with a few little mishaps. I am using an MSI K8T Neo motherboard which was bought simply because I couldn’t wait 5 days for the Asus which I would have preferred simply because it can take an extra gig of RAM over the MSI. I also had a problem with the power supply that was in the tower. Who would have thought that an ATX power supply wouldn’t have the proper 4 pin connector required to power the chip. I ripped Jen’s power supply out and used it. I can now safely say that an AMD 64 with 1 SATA 160Gb two 20Gb hard disks, CD player and 32Mb nvidia video card will run on a 300Watt power supply or at least it will on mine. I will be ordering a bigger quieter one but more on that later.
I uses an old netinst CD that I had laying around to put woody on and the immediately upgraded to sarge. All this went with very little mishap and so far the hardware has been running fine. All I need now is SATA support, I’ll do that tomorrow.