AMD64 and MSI K8T

Well, I got the AMD64 today and got it all put together with a few little mishaps. I am using an MSI K8T Neo motherboard which was bought simply because I couldn’t wait 5 days for the Asus which I would have preferred simply because it can take an extra gig of RAM over the MSI. I also had a problem with the power supply that was in the tower. Who would have thought that an ATX power supply wouldn’t have the proper 4 pin connector required to power the chip. I ripped Jen’s power supply out and used it. I can now safely say that an AMD 64 with 1 SATA 160Gb two 20Gb hard disks, CD player and 32Mb nvidia video card will run on a 300Watt power supply or at least it will on mine. I will be ordering a bigger quieter one but more on that later.
I uses an old netinst CD that I had laying around to put woody on and the immediately upgraded to sarge. All this went with very little mishap and so far the hardware has been running fine. All I need now is SATA support, I’ll do that tomorrow.

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  1. just one or two points, that may or may not be obvious to you.
    Firstly, an ATX power supply which doesn’t have the P4 connector is a rarity (or you bought an uber cheap case, in which case you deserve everything you get 😉 ). You might also find it unstable as those older supplies usually don’t have the output necessary to run an AMD64 and associated peripherals.
    Secondly, I can’t count!

  2. I know. It was a power supply from an old case ie one of the towers from Maplins that was bought in a bit of an emergency a few years ago. I wouldn’t normally buy hardware from Maplins or any of the high street stores due to their rip off prices but this was an emergeny or at least it was at the time ;).
    As far as stability was concerned the 300W ran it for a few weeks with no glitches. I personally would not recommend it to anyone becasue Power supplies vary in the stability of their output.

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