30 Sep 03

Its now 03:19 and the robots have been off and on all day today. I managed to fill up another partition so I was forced into moving more files around to free up some much needed space.
Performance is starting to slip as can be seen from the daily stats. I bought a 160Gb SATA drive with controller. I am hoping this will last me a few months before I need another one unless I get some volunteers to help with the project.
I also invested in 1Gb of RAM, unfortunatley I am loosing the 512Mb from this machine so I am only doubling my capacity, 1.5Gb would have been lovely. I am not looking forward to installing it. I am pretty sure that the current kernel 2.4.9-e.5 will not support the HPT374. I am expecting the gear in a couple of days so after the install we should have some fun.
My maths was the main priority today. I have finished the guts of my final peice of course work. That goes in the post tomorrow and then its exam cram time for my exams. I have another 4 years of Maths to look forward to on top of the three years I have already done so I am nearly half way there.
I am going to start adding some more technical content to this site so that anyone who is interested can see what I am doing to postgres to keep it running. I am not sure exactly what I am going to add yet but I thought I would start with the scripts that I used to build the database and the psql functions I call from Perl to populate the database. I will also start adding the Perl code as well and some instructions on how to set up your own link harvester……… eventually.
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