RAM and shmmax 02 Oct 03

I am going to build a PC for J’s parents from old bits that I have in storage or should I say bits that I have no room for here. I am taking the 512Mb PC133 from this machine and adding the 1Gb stick that arrived today along with the Maxtor 160 SATA drive and Highpoint Controller 1542-4. I am also giving him one of my 20Gb drives because he’s only got one 1.7Gb and a 127Mb drive in his old PC.
Needless to say the hardware that arrived from www.scan.co.uk today was a bit dodgy. The RAM completely trashed one of our PC’s and we are now unable to get it running again. I now need to get more RAM from Watford Electronics to replace the piece of crap www.scan.co.uk sent. Unfortunately Watford Electronics are not open until tomorrow so its back to the old config for a little bit more spidering.
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