RAM and shmmax 03 Oct 03

Watford Electronics only do 512Mb sticks so I am limiting my upgrade options in the future, but I need the RAM so they got the sale. I put the two 512Mb into the machine and it worked a treat. Now all I need to do is compile a kernel that has support for the Highpoint HPTxxx Controllers and edit the postgres.conf file and shmmax settings so that we can take advantage of the new RAM.
Unfortunately compiling a kernel for this beast is not really that straight forward. I needed to get the latest up2date packages and keys etc from redhat then I needed to download the source rpm and install that. I do not have an old .config file for this machine so I had to use one of the ones provided in the source install and customise it for my requirements. I was a bit surprised when it worked first time. Needless to say I have left out a lot of the details, because it was a very frustrating exercise.
I managed to move the 20Gb disk out of the PC for J’s dad. This involved moving several of the Postgres files around and onto disks that are not really ideal places to have them. I will sort this out before I start the robots again in a few days time. So I am off to build a PC . They need the PC because they need to research cycling across Canada on a tandem.
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