Don’t Vote for John Kerry

I just noticed a link in my weblog that goes something like this. – – [21/Feb/2004:04:20:47 +0000] “HEAD /blog/ HTTP/1.0” 200 0 “” “StarProse Referrer Advertising System 2004” 0
What is this. A quick search on google led me to an explanation, Basically this guy John Kerry (Running for President) has either employed an advertising agency which are using unscrupulous means to get his named mentioned in every Web server log in the planet OR one of his unscrupulous rivals is doing it to upset every web administrator and searh engine tech on the planet OR some deranged individual has done it, god knows why.
I am not too sure which of the three I would believe out of the above since I imagine they are all as likely as each other.
What I will say is this. If John Kerry has stooped low enough to employ these tactics for self promotion then don’t vote for John Kerry. If it was one of his rivals that stooped this low to sully his name in connection with these tactics then don’t vote for John Kerry’s rivals.

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