Name and Shame

Having just had a rant about the dodgy techniques employed by some advertising agencies I had an idea.
Lets suppose that there is a website dedicated to highlighting techniques used by advertisers with the advertisers names etc. If a lot of bloggers decided to then link to that site the page rank of the site would increase for that particular incident. The worse the incident the more bloggers will feel the need to link to the story which in turn increases the likelihood that the story will be seen by more poeple.
What this means is, if agencies or any other body decide to employ methods that are not particluarly friendly in nature then there is a good chance it will come to the attention of this website and they will get named. When lot of links are inbound to the site then the rank for this negative page will climb higher in the search engines which will hopefull discourage more of the same.
Unfortunately this is not really going to work for real spammers who really don’t care if their name is dragged through the dirt. It would only really work if the people we where naming had an investment “In their Good Name” which limits its usefulness since most of the scum employing these tactics don’t care.

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