Started Reading Again

Sounds simple enough but considering the amount of stuff I used to read
the last few years has been a bit dry. This is partly due to being on the
computer a lot more than is healthy. I am also doing an Open University
Maths degree which has soaked up what was left of my time.
Studying Maths over the last couple of years has given me a bug to find out
more about the subject, not just the maths itself but the history of it and its applications ie physics. This culminated in a walk through Waterstones a few weeks ago and I came across the following book.
Some Time with Feynman
ISBN: 0141009535
Author: Leonard Mlodinow
I just seen it sat on the shelf in the physics section and I immediately
recognised the picture on the cover as Richard P. Feynman. I decided to buy it
and being a small book I had it finished in a couple of days. My only regret is
that there was not more about Feynman in it which was what the book implied but
it was still an interesting book from the point of view of someone who manages to
land a job in Caltech and spends most of his time doubting if he is capable or
suited for what they want even thought they have not given him anything solid
to work on. Its nce to know even people at the top struggle and wonder why they are there.

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